Managing payroll, in one or multiple jurisdictions, can be a difficult, resource draining task that soaks up hundreds of hours of time in interpreting legislation, complying with local rules, regulations and documentation.

Partnered with an international payroll team to provide a comprehensive end to end payroll service.

Our global solution integrates

A single point of contact

Integrated global outsource payroll services with One Contact, One system, One contract globally via cloud platform

Localized information

Currency, Time Zone, Pay Elements, Roles and privileges set up for HR Users and Employees, Tax and Social Benefits details, Holidays/Weekly Off, multi-lingual help desk

Effective and efficient international payroll management

our experienced team centrally coordinate our service with a clearly defined communication and escalation procedure to ensure we control monthly payroll processes.

From an international perspective

we provide a single view of all your payrolls and real-time integration with other systems and processes. We offer visibility, compliance and reporting across your global payroll process from any location