Compensation is just not about what people are paid, but it’s a detailed study on salary plans, proper incentives, customised benefits and so on.

A competitive company means that to attract top talent and this is to do more than just pay people salaries.

To properly benefit employees and ensure the company future sustainable frameworks should be put in place that allow for growth and development and both direct and indirect, Financial and Non-financial rewards need to be factored into a program.

HRW can review, and analyse your structures, benchmark you against others and then provide recommendations for grade and salary ranges that will allow for growth and flexibility

Compensation and Benefits consulting
services includes

  • Market pricing

    Determine market pay competitiveness, identify pay gaps and develop action plans that move pay to competitive levels.

  • Total rewards strategy

    An effective Total Rewards Strategy support an organization’s mission, goals and business objectives, as well as it’s organizational culture.

  • Salary structure design

    Design or modify your existing salary structure based on industry best practices.

  • Sales compensation effectiveness

    Solutions to sales effectiveness and commission plans issues.

  • Variable pay plans

    Design variable incentive programs, including management plans, and more.

  • Internal equity

    Ensure talent within in the company is paid against their skills and competence and no disparity in the group